Certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP), Business Process Management (BPM),
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance (SOX),Total Quality Management (TQM), & Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
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Dedicated to Innovation and Growth Through Shared Visions With Our Clients

Innovators in Business Intelligence and

Transformative Processes

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AccuComp Enterprises is a international professional services company, providing services and solutions in strategy, consulting, project management, technology and operations. 

AccuComp Enterprises works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable growth.

AccuComp Enterprises turns clients’ ideas into new revenue streams and accelerates the new development processes to maintain growth.

We Can Help:


• Business Management
• Cost Management
• Inventory Management
• Project Management

• Key Performance Indicators - Focused and Realistic
• Legacy System and Processes Replacement
• Technology Integration for Growth Improvement

Our approach is to Enable, Empower, and Support our customers. Enable our customers by providing the best products to solve their project management needs. Empower our customers by teaching them how to implement solutions using our products, techniques, and methodology. Finally, Support our customers so that they will always have immediate access to our project management expertise.

About AccuComp

Our team of international project managers has been specializing in sound technology and strategic solutions since 1981. We enjoy a reputation for pumping new life into management teams and focusing information technologies to improve operations as part of re-engineering processes. Here are some of the companies we have partnered with throughout the years.

Our Value Propositions
• Better Expectations through up-Front Estimating, Planning, & Project Definition
• Faster Execution through the Reuse of Common Processes & Templates
• Fewer Problems Encountered through Proactive Project Management Processes 
• Better Organizational Decision-Making through Effective Project Communication
• Higher Client Satisfaction & Less Rework by Building a Higher Quality Product the First Time

They Trusted Us


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Where Do We Start? Your Vision, Goals For: This Year, 3 To 5 Years

• Innovative Business Models • Increasing Globalization
• Pressure On Margins • Increased Focus on Risk
• Volatility in Economic Conditions • On-Going Changes To Regulatory Requirements