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The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy. We are entering an era of risk and unreliability. No wonder you have a sense of unease.  When the environment is so unpredictable, how can we apply the traditional forecasting and analysis?  You need to create an organization that is capable of rapid adaption.

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How do you adapt?


This famous quote sums up our challenge: “You must compete at the speed of adaptability and adapt at the speed of learning.”

  1. Reading and Acting
    • In order to adapt, you have your antenna tuned to signals of change from the external environment, decode them, and quickly act to refine or reinvent your business model and even reshape your information landscape.
    • Additionally, you similarly will rely on sophisticated point-of-sale systems to ensure that those systems acquire the right information.
    • Are you applying advanced data-mining technologies to recognize relevant patterns in your data?
  2. Virtual Environments
    • You no longer have the luxury of time-consuming development approaches. By using virtual environments to generate, test, and replicate innovative ideas you will produce new products/services, at lower costs, and less risk than your rivals can.
    • In this chaotic environment, business models, strategies, and routines can also become obsolete.
    • Experimentation produces failure. Evaluating and celebrating what was learned and is effective, needs to become norm.
  3. Mobilize
    • You will be communicating, selecting, duplicating, and refining your successes throughout your organization.
    • Do you encourage knowledge flow, diversity, autonomy, risk taking, and flexibility between your teams?
    • What are the new players in your industry doing?
    • This is the time historically when the disruptors can take advantage of the wiliness to try new products/services. Offering modified products /services that reach your customers where they are and with less delays is what is being expected. How are you rising to the challenge?

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The speed of adaptation is a function of your cycle time of decision making. In an unstable environment, you need to accelerate change by making annual planning processes into episodic processes continually being reviewed.

The adaptive approach is no universal panacea. Today, your competitive reality is uncertain and rapidly changing.  You need a dynamic and sustainable way to stay ahead. Your survival may depend on building an organization that can exploit an adaptive advantage.

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We are all in this together.