Since the upheaval that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have experienced the rapid rate of transformation and we have, in turn, been swiftly responding. Your ability to adapt has led to your company’s survival. Now let us talk about growth for 2021.

Basic Planning Questions

  • Using 2020 as your trend, is your industry expanding, treading water, or shrinking? If your answer is anything but an expansion, how do you plan to reinvent your organization?
  • Who are your critical new customers, as of this quarter? Have your key customers indicated that they are pleased with your products/services and will be maintaining the same level of business in 2021 they have ordered in the last quarter? If you are not sure, then find out ASAP. Talk with them.

Be prepared. It will be crucial to anticipate your 2021 challenges.

  1. Embracing your remote workers
    Invest in reliable tools to make collaboration possible.  Provide video training on using such tools with details of your processes that tell the viewer when and apply it.
    It is essential to manage expectations and stay focused on your goals when managing a remote workforce. Focus on actual achievements. Celebrate all “wins.”Announce team accomplishments.  Show that you are paying attention.
    Know what is happening in the lives of your workers.  Engage your remote workers daily through communication. Try to have one-on-ones with your high performers, so you know their level of satisfaction.
    Urge the creation of videos by employees of suggestions, ideas, remote working tips, virtual party photos, so everyone’s voice is being heard and involved beyond their job.  Remote working requires extra support to make your people feel connected.  This constant interaction and engagement will help remote workers feel included and an essential aspect of your organization.
  2. Protecting your business and customer data
    Your organization will require you to create a company culture wherein protecting data is considered everyone’s job. Employees will understand what suspicious emails look like and how to keep their accounts safe with strong passwords.
    Smartphones, tablets, and laptops connected to your network can increase productivity, but – if stolen – it can mean that sensitive information can wind up in the wrong hands. Employees will be aware of what to do in devices being lost or stolen, and that sensitive information should not be stored on their home hard drives.
    Data protection makes good business sense. Your secure businesses will be more trusted, which means customers will share more data with you and, in turn, spend more.
  3. Continuing your “digital transformation.”
    Modernization and legacy technologies are not mutually exclusive, just like digital transformation does not mean brand new. Assess your mainframe and legacy systems. Identify what is slowing digitization and what is salvageable. Start by looking at the current environment. What can you accomplish? What can you eliminate?
    Where is your data?  Your documents and records are now stored in new places. With your remote workforce, your compliance efforts are now even more complicated. It would be best if you elevated your governance strategies; knowing where personal and sensitive data lives within your enterprise, knowing whose data it is, and ensuring it is compliant with privacy regulations, is be vital.



2021 will present with opportunities. There will be challenges ahead, but having built your business to be adaptable and flexible will allow you to beready for what 2021 throws at you.  You have learned how to thrive in the face of unprecedented change.  2021 will be just another hurdle to overcome.

Plan! Adapt! Manage! Succeed!

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