Attract a Steady Stream of Customers to Your Store.

There is no doubt that online sales have grown substantially during the pandemic, but now people want to have a reason to go out of their homes. You are going to give them that reason – provide them with a memorable in-store experience.

Reports show that consumers prefer seeing and touching products before they buy. Your customers will not be paying for shipping, not waiting to receive your product, or not having difficulty with returns.

So, you will be pleasing 55% of consumers.
We have done the research, and here are suggestions for how you can achieve a steady stream of customers:


Continue your buy online – pick-up approach.

You have survived by providing the option to pick up at the curb. Now change your pick-up spot to in-store.

  • You are competing with eCommerce with the advantage that customers prefer seeing items in person. You will exchange their items on the spot if they are unhappy with what they had selected.
  • By being in your store, they might purchase more merchandise.
  • To entice more sales, offer 15% off for in-store purchases if bought while picking up your online goods.
  • Your strategy will work for having customers spend more money.


Advertise matching online prices.

Can you price match? There are 33% of consumers who will check prices while shopping. You might have folks leaving your store without buying due to their research. With social media, they could impact your future sales by sharing their pricing experience.

  • Can you advertise a counter move?
  • Ensure that you deliver more value than your customers’ money would be saving from purchasing an item online at a lower price.


Try omnichannel retail.

Most consumers want to be able to shop both online and in-store.

  • Do you have your entire inventory available online?
  • Many customers will not visit your store unless they are sure what they want is there.


Send out promotional texts.

If you have an appealing promotion, use a text message to share it.

  • Utilize your customer data to send targeted messages based on prior sales to offer your VIP deals for their purchases.
  • Be sure to make it a limited-time offer.


Be findable in local search engines.

The most common way for consumers to discover new places to shop is through online searches. What steps should you take?

  • Contact local directories and ask for inclusion.
  • Ask local bloggers to feature your store.
  • Check your listing on Google My Business for completeness of your address and phone number.
  • Add photos of your store, both inside and out, to your listing.
  • Add a Click to Call or Click to Text button to your website.
  • Request your customers leave reviews on your Google listing.


Create events.

Develop consistent days of the month for your unique and entertaining events. Invite your customers and neighbors to your store. How can you generate fun?

  • What will encourage purchasing your merchandise and be fun or entertaining?
  • If your clothing store, a fashion show of local talent?
  • What about local talent in a music store?
  • Focus on under 25 years old consumers, who are known for impulse buying?
  • Provide childcare for “Good Neighbor” events such as Mom’s Night Out.
  • Promote your events in the local press, press release software, social media, and send out VIP text to all your customers.


Catch walkers’ eyes.

Walk-ins amount for 8.4% of consumers that find new stores; look at your windows. Do you have friendly, engaging, and inviting signs and windows? Do some visual merchandising.

  • Does your signage make your store easy to find?
  • Are your window displays inviting folks to come in and see more?



Make your store an experience. Continually update your “buzz” that will attract and keep customers. Focus on how you can create a feeling of welcome and come again for your customers.

Ask for feedback online and be responsive to both positive and negative comments. Include the 80% loved loyalty program in your strategies. Adopt an omnichannel approach. Ask your team regularly for what customers are saying and listen to their ideas.

Plan! Adapt! Manage! Succeed!

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