Certified in Project Management, Quality Management, Business Processing, Business Transformation, and Sarbanes-Oxley. CFO/FP&A expertise.


Brenda has established a reputation for pumping new life into management teams and focusing information technologies to improve operations as part of process re engineering. Across twenty- five years, teams lead by Brenda have installed over 200 systems (SaaS, ERP/CRM systems, operations systems, web portals, and legacy product replacement projects) and produced effective and long-lasting results. She began her career with Arthur Andersen, where she learned to evaluate the adequacy of internal business controls and has written policies and procedures for startup organizations through Fortune 100 corporations.


In her role as Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, Brenda is responsible for the Technology Solutions Division. With her knowledge of more than twenty financial and ERP systems, she assists clients in the selection of appropriate Business Intelligence and ERP applications for the client’s industry and strategic organizational needs. She leads Team ACESM to review and redesign policies and procedures, so the new application is not only integrated into the client’s company but is also used effectively.


She oversees day-to-day management, information systems solutions, and interim engagements. Brenda has also been instrumental in the strategic growth of the firm, and the development of strategic alliances.


Awards for Community Service:
  • Urban League of Pikes Peak Region
  • Urban League of Greater Rochester
  • Girl Scouts of Monroe County
  • Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Hall
  • National Association of Black State Troopers
  • DEDICATED TO DIVERSITY IN STEM – As a woman of color, leading teams across the US, I trust my presence sheds light on the state of diversity in science and promotes inclusive excellence. It’s been inspiring to me to meet up with former employees or staff placed in STEM positions to hear how their continuing passion for STEM has led to leadership roles.


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  • Leading Transformations.  Directed upgrade for health insurance provider’s web portal, designed change management processes, and delivered a mobile app; realized business goals with transparency.
  • Project Management Transformation. Collaborated with business leaders to formulate the methodology for evaluating project intake process into clear, simple steps. Structured, defined, and managed initiatives to achieve mission-critical goals consistently.
  • Empowered and Mobilized Project Managers. Nurtured an idea-sharing environment, encouraging and embracing both positive and best practices to produce ongoing organizational growth. Helmed and synergized international teams culminating in new effectiveness.
  • Organizational Change Management. Created an innovative approach to upgrade operations & finance processes while sunsetting legacy systems. Prescribed solutions that yielded productivity advancements, service optimization, and systems flexibility to evolving requirements