The coronavirus outbreak is rocking our world. Each day the human tragedy effect grows. In the wake of the turbulence and continued uncertainty, your evolving Response Plan will restore your organization to profitability.

Your role in shaping effective crisis leadership among your leadership, teams, and staff is critical. Fostering sustained high performance by your teams and your total company will help you not only survive, but make you successful, again.

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Sensible Change Management as COVID-19 Effect Evolves


You are faced with keeping your workforce engaged and productive, while your business is running and building for your future.

  1. Create effective workforce engagement:
    • Defining and communicating your powerful vision to your organization?
    • Aligning your teams behind your Response Planning Team?
    • Emphasizing trust and accountability?
  2. Check-in with employees frequently:
    • Requesting updates on employee statuses – remote workers, those with childcare problems, and other employee discussion points?
    • Establishing you are personally invested in staffs’ safety and appreciate their commitment to your enterprise?
    • Painting a clear picture of obstacles required to return to your pre-pandemic financial position?
    • Encouraging collaboration between all areas while focusing on employee concerns?
    • Setting clear expectations for excellence?
    • Recognizing wins and being complementary to staff and teams?
  3. Track success and maintain momentum:
    • Providing opportunities using integrations to modify Response Plan based on updated data?
    • Shifting priorities, as needed?
    • Sharing daily up to date display of Response Plan status for the entire organization?
    • Dealing with unanticipated problems through team leader structure for solutions?
    • Shortening time between feedback and decisions?



With risk and uncertainty ahead, you need to maximize and quickly unlock the benefits of your Response Plan – designed to address the challenges and opportunities resulting from the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation.

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