Cultivating High Performing Teams – Enabling Full Potential for All?



Today more than ever, organizations rely on their teams’ energy, commitment, and engagement to survive and thrive. Successful managers know how to empower and engage. How do you get to 100% employee commitment from your entire staff?


Do you have an ecosystem of empowered teams that are fully engaged and working in a “decentralized command” environment? To gain from employee actions, you need to encourage decision-making at the team level by showing confidence in their leaders.


Seeing your financial projections achieved tells you that your commitment to empowerment and engagement is working. We are faced with more change today than ever. In this atmosphere, decentralized teams are ready to quickly evaluate the situation and determine the appropriate course of action if you let them.


To be successful, you must see yourself more as a catalyst for problem-solving than as a problem solver.


Teach others what it means to be a leader and why it’s so important they lead their teams in a goal-oriented manner by achieving the highest performance from every team member.  



How do you glean the highest contributions from all your teams?



What activities are encouraging your team members to be committed to both their work and your team?


Start by discussing desired outcomes and how each member can contribute to the team’s goals.



  • Determine each team member’s strengths.



  • Spend time consciously thinking about what they do well and in what situations they excel.
  • Think about how often they use those strengths in their current roles.
  • Are there more tasks you could assign that give them more opportunities to apply those strengths?




  • Understand what interests your team members.




  • Do you know what your team members think about, both at work and outside of it?
  • To persuade your team members, having a trusting relationship with your team members must exist.
  • Trust builds commitment.
  • We all want to work for a leader who took the time to know us as a people. Your team members are no different.





  • Know your team members’ personal and professional goals.



  • Do you know what your team members want to accomplish, both professionally and personally?
  • Use their career aspirations to drive commitment to your team goals.



  • Watching and learning are your keys.



  • No observation or awareness will substitute for asking.




  • Use 1-on-1 meetings to gain expectations information.




  • Gaining these insights may take several conversations.
  • Raise their commitment to their work by understanding who your team members are and their ambitions.




  • Making connections to gain commitments.


Now that you understand your team members, it’s time to connect their dreams to their current and future work.



  • Provide or find opportunities for your people to apply their strengths to their work.
  • Your team feels a trusted connection to you, and they will be bringing their best selves to their work. The more they will enjoy their work, and more they will be committed to it.
  • Help connect your team members’ interests to the work they are doing.
  • Pay attention to gross profit margins to know when to increase prices on products and services as quality and productivity rise.
  • Arrange for their performance goals to intersect with your team goals.
  • Help people see how achieving work goals helps them achieve their personal goals.
  • When people have goals that matter to them, they are more productive, which means more commitment to their work, which equals achieving team goals.
  • A change in gross margins can provide insight into a job, client, or company issues. This kind of actionable intelligence will help with pricing decisions.





  • Creating challenges for testing and developing capabilities.



  • Encourage your team to think and act in ways that come most naturally to them.
  • Embrace the natural ways each of your team members think and build off their strengths.
  • Make sure your team is in situations that will leverage their strengths and make you shine.
  • Discover how to fully leverage the natural potential of your team’s authentic skills and characteristics that allow them to unleash their distinction to create the most impact and influence their fellow team members and other employees of your organization.




  • Develop their decision-making abilities



  • Having good judgment and the ability to convert this into sound decision-making is imperative for every team member to make the most of the opportunities that come their way.
  • Begin to determine where a team member is most and least predictable in reacting to a problem.
  • Guide them rightly to identify the consequences and probability patterns of each decision. Problem-solving becomes a treasure hunt of unforeseen opportunities.





  • Strengthen your team’s potential by surrounding them with other high-potential people from other teams.





  • Team members become wiser and develop a mindset that is not afraid to take chances and experience the lessons of failure.
  • Strengthening your foundation of talent by surrounding it with more experienced and knowledgeable people may be done by collaborating with other teams.
  • No matter how much potential an employee has, it can remain dormant if not managed rightly and adequately nourished with the right ingredients.
  • Realizing the potential to its fullest often requires breaking through barriers and creating new paradigms.
  • Encouraging your team to do their jobs better and recreate their positions in their image while discovering new standards along the way to increase productivity, sustainability, and opportunities to impact the bottom line.








As these lessons show, your behavior as the organizational leader, empowering team leaders can reinforce a sense of mutuality with your employees.


Recognize your dependence on your team leaders to make practical decisions and to implement them effectively.

The rewards are enormous when you stop trying to control your people and instead engage, empower, and motivate them to contribute their knowledge and experience to a consensus approach.

They, you, and your company will all benefit from more innovative, better-executed decisions.

Plan! Adapt! Manage! Succeed!

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