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Your company’s success relies on your customers. To succeed, you need to make them a priority. This requires going beyond standard customer service. The best approach for achieving excellent customer satisfaction levels (along with your business goals), is to develop a customer-focused culture.



How a Customer Focus Can Help Your Business Succeed


A customer-focused approach can do more for your business than boost your customer satisfaction levels.


It is Essential for Customer Retention


Customer retention is essential for building revenue in the future. It’s also much more cost-effective than solely focusing on acquisition, as it’s 6-7x more costly to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. Providing excellent service is necessary for establishing high retention rates. 


When you develop a customer-focused culture, you can be confident that no matter which employee a customer interacts with, they will be treated as a priority.


Customer-centric companies are More Profitable.


Considering the impact service can have on retention, it should come as no surprise that companies that make their customers a priority are more profitable. Research from Deloitte and Touché found that companies with a customer-centric focus are 60% more profitable.

The happier a customer is with your brand, the more they will purchase. Finally, it’s worth noting that a customer focus can help with the lead nurturing process.

When you take the time to answer prospective customers’ questions and provide them with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, you increase the chances that they’ll convert.


How can you build a customer-focused business culture?


  • Collect feedback regularly.


  • Listen to what your customers have to say.
  • Ask for feedback during regular interactions.
  • Collect suggestions and constructive feedback.
  • Encourage your customer support team to document these suggestions.
  • Send out customer surveys.
  • Gauge how satisfied your customers are with specific interactions with your organization.
  • Review responses weekly.


  • Integrate Customer Service into your Business Culture.


  • Use an index that indicates the overall sentiment towards your company.
  • Incorporate customer-centric focus into your company’s core values.



  • Make Every Employee be a Customer Champion.


  • Urge every employee, regardless of their team or job function, to be a customer champion.
  • Focus employees on putting the customer’s needs first.
  • Reward employees for improving the customer experience at every phase.
  • Test the impact of an increased customer focus on your revenues.


  • Commit to providing exceptional customer service.


  • Provide customer-centric training and development to your employees.
  • Directly support and secure that executive and team leaders set clear customer satisfaction goals.
  • Align internal systems and processes with customer needs.
  • Verify that your new hires share your customer focus and are customer-oriented.



  • Collaborate with your customers.


  • Empower your customers to make their voices heard by directly interacting with your business.
  • Solicit feedback using social media platforms.
  • Assign one person as the “project manager” for every client.
  • A client project manager not only keeps your entire internal team on track and progressing towards identified milestones and goals, but they also act
  • as the main point of contact for the client.
  • Establish motivated teams of industry project managers to deliver on your customer-centric culture and vision.
  • Produce your happy team-client relationships.
  • Identify goals for your client relationships.
  • Share your plan for achieving team-client goals with your customers.
  • Make customer support your top priority.
  • Be sure your teams can respond to client questions immediately.



  • Build customer empathy.



  • Know what your customers need.
  • Collect the relevant information and insights before translating them into action.
  • Be a leader who spends time in the trenches with your customer service teams to know what customers are experiencing.
  • Deal with complaints through virtual conversations to give a face-to-face feeling.
  • Ask customers about their obstacles rather than their problems.


  • Dive into data.


  • Determine meaning trends from your analytics.
  • Spot patterns to clients’ interactions.
  • Use feedback to build customer delight in your products/services.




Change your internal processes to make it easy for your customers to:


  • Find essential and relevant information about your products/services that they bought and anything else to help them trust you quicker.
  • Continue to build a relationship with your customer — even after purchasing from you.
  • Obtain refunds or support.


Although building a customer-focused culture is not something you can do overnight, implementing these strategies will set you on the path to long-term success.


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