Businesses everywhere continue to wrestle with the disruption that stems from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Now digital Reinvention has become a matter of survival and not just a goal for the future. However, Covid-19 made the urgency to deploy digital solutions necessary, as opposed to a luxury. We have all had to adopt a do-or-die mentality when it comes to technology. Without it, many businesses would not have survived.

The crux is that the businesses that have adapted innovated and adopted digital processes and tools have given themselves the best chance of survival now and in the years to come.  Start by establishing a small task force in your business to look at the external factors at play here, review internal constraints and resources, keep an eye on the competition and survey the new opportunities would provide you the data for determining how to proceed with your Reinvention.

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Your success requires making trade-off decisions.

Without a transformation of your core business activities – people, processes, and technologies – any digital initiative is likely to be just a short-term fix. The Reinvention of your business is, by its nature, bold.  Your commitment to make tough decisions, while knowing which decisions to prioritize and how to implement them can make the difference between a successful transformation effort and one that struggles.

What is your vision for your business?

o Review of your business environment based on current and projected.

o Determine the impact of digital technology on your business future.

o Be prepared to imagine how your reinvented firm will be serving customers.

Who will lead your effort?

o Organize your senior executives and team leaders into the Reinvention team to drive project plan created by your expert in digital transformations.

o Limit membership to skilled digital knowledgeable staff representing multifunctional areas encompassing your entire operations.

o Agree on prioritization of changes while coordinating with your team and transformation expert.

o Control change in management process for modifying the project plan, as needed.

Are you ready to tout your vision as to why now?

o Brand your project plan as a separate program from other initiatives.

o Share progress in an accessible location for your entire organization.

o Provide milestone measurements.

o Be prepared for “pushback.”

o Communicate consistently.

What are the long-term benefits of your transformation for employees?

o Be sure “check-in” with your staff as to their enthusiasm for transformation.

o Detail “quick wins” as you continue your Reinvention.

o Sequence transformation to show clear payoffs.

o Report projected benefits, as they are completed.

o Build your continuous process improvement program.



While technology is not the only element of a successful digital reinvention, your staff will look for new and innovative processes that make their roles more effective and data-driven. With the right approach, your businesses can come out of the fray stronger, more agile, and more customer-centric than before.

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