Engaging Your Employees, now.

Both you and your employees are thinking about the uncertainty and disruptions of Corvid-19. The best thing you can do is lean in and find out what your employees are thinking. Listen to your employees, communicate frequently, and confidentiality confidentially. Show your flexibility and support to meet their needs.

Your engagement strategy will determine how your employees feel towards your organization. If your employee feels connected, he/she will be motivated to deliver quality work and work to improve your bottom-line.

Cultivating and Sustaining Employee Engagement

Embracing work flexibility.

Workplace flexibility allows you and your employees to make working arrangements through mutual agreement. Your benefit is that your employees’ productivity increases, combines with positive feelings toward your organization, translates into retention, and produces recruiting savings.

  • Promote virtual conferencing.
  • Combat your employees’ feelings of loneliness with 1-on-1 check-ins.
  • Be understanding that people may want to remain off-camera occasionally due to reasons beyond work.

Investing in desktop collaboration software.

  • Check with your team leaders for their recommendations of what software fits their needs best.
  • Look for features that minimize the use of emails, so your employees can focus on conference calls and their work without adding emails to the mix.
  • Purchase software ASAP.
  • Create platforms for sharing non-work information such as social events, family photos, and other “water cooler” conversations.
  • Establish and share your communications strategy, which sets clear expectations for positive working relationships and happy remote working.

Designating specific times for meetings, if workable.

  • Set specific times and days of the week for conference calls, so everyone knows when the conference calls are happening.
  • Organize around employees’ ongoing responsibilities to ensure full participation by all team members.

Creating ways for managing stress.

  • Be consistent – stick to pre-arranged schedules.
  • Encourage your employees to disconnect from work and take breaks.
  • Consider addressing any issues before they disrupt conference calls.
  • Be empathetic – share your challenges with Covid-19.

Allowing your employees to have a voice.

  • Assign a member of human resources to monitor the non-work issue platform.
  • Gain an understanding of what issues are troubling your employees.
  • Listen to hearing ideas from your employees to resolve issues.
    Try either:
    Listen to ideas from your employees to resolve issues.
    Be open to hearing ideas from your employees to resolve issues.

Encouraging employees to take time to play together.

  • Orchestrate virtual parties for teams to have fun.
  • Think of events to help employees gather for happy occasions.

Implementing appreciation and recognition.

  • Choose inexpensive and creative ways to show employees you are paying attention.
  • Have employees nominate each other, and you give the reward.
  • Praise employees who have gone above and beyond.

Offering training to your employees.

  • Remind employees that you want them to advance in your company.
  • Ask human resources to post openings weekly and add what in-service requirements with mentoring could attain.
  • Continue to conduct performance appraisals that identify training opportunities for advancement.

Investing in your employee’s health and wellness.

  • Review benefits for emphasis on wellness and potential activities that employees could access or participate in to reduce stress now.
  • Add wellness activities to rewards for team performance.
  • Encourage fitness and good nutrition while staying engaged with your employees for happier and healthier people.


While these ideas will help you start your employee engagement efforts, you will need to address the root cause of disengagement. Make your strategies long-term. Check to see if your executives and team leaders are following your engagement strategies. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

Plan! Adapt! Manage! Succeed!

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