Focus Your Efforts on Understanding Your Customers


How can you make it easy for customers to reach you?  Understanding what your customer’s needs are, is going to revive your business.  Do you have a database of your pre-pandemic clients?  Even if you only have addresses, send them a postcard or letter letting them know what you can offer them now.  Ask them to contact you by going to your website and giving them an email where they can leave their emails.  Mail them gift cards or offer discounts for leaving contact information on your website. Now, the lines of communication are open. 

The ball is now in your court.

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In my professional career I have been involved in four (4) downturns, seventeen (17) business closures, three (3) recessions, and maintained a small business during an entire state going broke during the late 1980s due to the collapse of the domestic oil market. Over my forty-five-year career, I observed experts leading recoveries in these circumstances, so I learned a few techniques. As a result, I am sharing both “best practices” and strategies that I have advised clients who were facing disruption issues. Obviously, none of the above compare to our current pandemic.

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Here is an overview of steps that have led to success


While generating business clients and customers takes time, you also need to develop a plan for staying in touch until they are ready to buy.

However, this time and monetary investment could yield game-changing results for your company. Are you starting to roll out your marketing plan and netting yourself some customers? Follow these 4 steps to be successful.

  1. Zero in On Your Target Market
  2. Build a Potential Customer and Client List
  3. Make Contact
  4. Research Your Competitors and Find Out Who Their Customers Are
  5. Respond to every email, Tweet, Facebook, comment, and phone call
  6. Adjust as necessary
  7. Follow-Up and then Follow-Up Again



Your key to a successful restart is not to pivot toward a random opportunity. Instead, bring back your former customers, first. Articulate what your organization is all about, and then discover new opportunities that fit within your company’s vision.

And perhaps, just as critically, you will need to rally your team behind your actions – because they believe in the vision of your business. Always remember that your team will follow you through this crisis.

In the most challenging moments of your business, often the best course of action lies in believing in what has brought you this far–and building on it.

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We are all in this together.

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