How to Communicate Your Reopening Plans to Customers


As businesses across the country prepare to reopen their doors, your most important activity is to communicate your plans to customers. If you are not only updating your customers with on hours and products/services available but also explaining your health and safety protocols you are saying your facility is a “Safe Place.”


Not addressing concerns about COVID-19 will make you appear out of the loop, and not give your customers the confidence they need. You have put in the work to help your organization address the spread of COVID-19, now, make sure your customers know.


Take a proactive approach to reconnect with your customers if you are looking for innovative ways to let customers know what is happening and get them excited to buy from you again.

Where are your customers?


  • Begin your digital engagement strategy focused on what channels your customers use— arm your staff with this knowledge.Effective communications strategy starts with aligning organizational objectives, identifying customers, and creating a presence that goes beyond just your brand name.

    From there, sending messages through the proper digital channels, finding new re-engagement strategies, implementing automation, and refining analytic insights builds the communications program agencies that make a difference.


Here are the platforms that need your attention:

  • Your Google listing: Update your Google listing with your revised hours.
  • Your website: You likely created a page alert on your website to inform your audience you were closed, now use that page alert to tell them you are open.
  • Your social channels: Combine updating your hours with a short video explaining your protocol or even a strong graphic, this will help you clarify your message.
  • Your mobile app users: Provide a reward for coming in that requires your app to be downloaded and detail your COVID-19 protocols.
  • Your email subscribers: Your video that you used on social media can have an extended life in your email marketing.
  • Email and text your customer list.


What should your signs say?


What is most important to the people returning to your space — what are they thinking, feeling, and needing? Examine the entire user journey — from the moment they leave the safety of their homes to getting situated at their desk, or shopping again in their favorite stores, or sliding into a booth for dinner with friends.

  •  “Welcome back” at the entrance.
  • Reflect your company’s brand in your signs: Use clever phrasing, creative illustrations, or other visuals that are uplifting and align with your brand’s personality. Also, consider the material, color, location, and scale of these new signs so that they complement your space.


What is new for your customers?

  • Here are actions you might consider:
  • Connect on Nextdoor –Where neighborhoods connect online, and 88% of Nextdoor members shop at local businesses once a week or more.

    It’s free to create a Business Page on Nextdoor

  • Sell subscriptions and create memberships.
  • Offer discounts for shopping in your first month of reopening.
  • Go live – record the event and share it with your customers.
  • Run a promotion for your first 100 customers at your reopening.
  • Host online events to sell, gain and retain new customers.



The period of recovery following quarantine may test how well your business reacts to customer sentiment and feedback. You will need to monitor feedback and pivot strategy based on changing demands closely.
For example, businesses that started offering customers curbside pickup, delivery, live streaming, and other social distancing-approved services. Now that the US has vaccinated folks going maskless. You are likely to see continued customer demand for these services to end.


Your business’ success could depend on how well you meet these changing customer needs.


Social listening is a quick, easy way to get a pulse of your customers.


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