Build on Your Momentum: Be Bigger! Better! More Successful!


Congratulations, you have survived, and now you are ready to thrive, bigger and better than before. Now is the time to align your enterprise with intensified urgency. You want to take advantage of your current competitiveness. Extend your existing capabilities to cement your momentum into long-term market gains. Now you are on a sustainable path to profitability, one that preserves and enhances brand value in the eyes of your customers and employees.

There are plenty of approaches to business recovery, but the key to success is ensuring your company has defined strategies to avoid momentum killers.


How do you maintain momentum?


Are You Taking Your Momentum into Reopening?

Momentum is everything in business.  You work hard every day to move in the direction of your objectives.  You and your company have survived, and now is the time to re-emerge, from the more substantial and better. Yet, because of what we have collectively experienced, there is no going back to the old state of things.

Strategy is your foundation for healthy business recovery. Without your focus on visualizing and diagnosing your potential opportunities, you’ll find that the doors of opportunity close relatively quickly. Your customers deal with the same pressures you are dealing with, and these pressures have resulted in specific customer needs. Those are the opportunities your strategies should be reflecting.

  • Remind your team of both your enterprise goals and their team objectives.
  • Re-enforce your team’s commitment to your mission, vision, and values.
  • Set goals in 90-day sprints.
  • Focus on what matters most now.
  • What will keep your momentum going?
  • Be diligent in measuring effectiveness.
  • Be agile in determining changing directions – what’s working and what’s not.



Rethink your strategic and business plans.


  • What is your current position in the market?
  • What are your people thinking?
  • What do you need to do today to achieve your objectives tomorrow?
  • What new projects do you need to launch, run, and bring together?
  • Prioritize and lead initiatives that will deliver your business tomorrow.
  • What is your current competitive advantage?
  • Avoid running too many initiatives at the same time.
  • What can you accomplish in a quarter?
  • Determine which initiative(s) will add the most value.
  • Remember – Your criteria – realistic, achievable, and profitable.
  • Determine your probability of success – “best” and “worst” case.
  • Seek executive, team leaders, and SME inputs.
  • Sell your strategies to your employees and teams directly.
  • Assign a team to monitor progress daily and report weekly to you.


Revisit your website, direct to clients/consumers, and customer experience strategies.


Customers should always come first. Without them, there is no business to keep open.


  • Be customer-centric.
  • Make top-notch customer service a priority.
  • Nurture customer relationships to keep them strong.
  • Build sustained loyalty.
  • Hold a Thank You Party for those customers who supported your momentum, that helped keep your business open during this time of ongoing crisis.
  • Create flexible navigational paths based on customer choices.
  • Measure and optimize customers’ online paths, and personalize their experiences.
  • Emphasize your desire for outstanding customer service to be the norm throughout the organization.
  • Re-enforce your team’s commitment to your mission, vision, and values.


Improve your marketing messaging.


What promise are you making to your customers?

  • Who is your best customer?
  • Do you know why they choose your company?
  • Why do they stay with you?
  • What are their ongoing needs?
  • Develop your messaging based on their needs and preferences.
  • Focus on your reputation.
  • Narrow your message to focus on that market segment.


Determine where you can cut costs.


  • Evaluate your past 12 months of spending.
  • Improve cash flow to guarantee stability.
  • Adjust expenses to break even.
  • Create a roadmap to profitability after the initial six months.
  • Evaluate if you have the right skills in your team for supporting your efforts.
  • Communicate your plan to suppliers.


Protect and lead your people.


  • Update your employees consistently.
  • Store progress reports, strategies, and business plans where employees can easily access the information.
  • Provide clear vision and direction.
  • Be clear that each employee is needed to achieve desired results.
  • Build confidence in your vision and accept feedback.
  • Communicate your concern for employee health and well-being.
  • Demonstrate flexibility with schedules and workloads.
  • Encourage team parties and “days off” for achievements and celebrating non-work events.
  • Conduct monthly surveys of employees to identify underlying issues that might impact performance.




A lot of planning and effort is needed to set your company up for continued success in a new era. Use your reopening as an opportunity not to lose the momentum you began. Prepare to come back bigger and better than ever.
We cannot control the degree of change, uncertainty, and complexity we face. However, adopting the strategies above can improve our ability to continually learn, grow, and more effectively navigate the increasing complexity towards your success.

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