We all have suffered immensely from the pandemic shutdowns. Now, we are having to rethink our future, and find new ways to retain and grow our customer base. Customers are the lifeblood of business, so it is vital that we keep generating leads and retain our existing customers. 

Establish a cross-functional team focused on:

  • Acquiring customers in a cost-effective way.
  • Retaining the ones, you have by selling more to them.

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Retain and Grow Your Customer Base


  • The first order for your cross-functional team – answer two questions, weekly:
    • How do you reach your pre-pandemic customers, now?
    • If they have changed behavior, how are you going to re-establish your pre-existing relationship?
  1. What do you about your customers – post-pandemic?
    • Are you providing products/services that meet their current needs?
    • Have you researched your business environment to know if your services/products are priced to sell?
    • What special offers are you promoting that say – “we want you”?
    • Do you have the technology to keep track of your customer contacts and results of each customer interaction? Are they linked to your enterprise resources planning system for integration with procurement and accounting?
    • Customers demand data protection – are you maintaining best practices for your collection, control, and use of customer data?
  2. Are you encouraging customers to buy?
    • Is your sales strategy based on understanding your current and prospective customers, competitors, and post-pandemic commerce environment?
    • What technologies are you using to capture, analyze, and report information in real-time?
    • Does your cross-functional team have the skills to manage these tasks, report effectively, and present you with alternatives for collaborative decision-making?
    • Are your pricing structures flexible so when adjustments are determined to be necessary in support of revised strategies, they can be accomplished quickly to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities?
  3. Are you prepared to do what it takes to increase sales?
    • Will, you buy loyalty? Will you introduce your company with discounts to prospects?
    • Will, you personalize your pricing to major customers to get long-term commitments?
    • Are you willing to reorganize your sales and customer service teams to focus on categories of customer profiles?
    • Will, you expect consistent contact with customers and prospects from your sales and customer service teams?
    • Are you ready to reward cross-selling and thecreation of incentives to obtain more revenues?



Understanding who your most valuable customers are, or who could become your customer through data analysis directs your efforts on which customers can increase your sales, but how to increase those sales is just as important. Even if you have many customers, it is risky if they are too similar, and could be affected by a similar change in business or the market.

You can take advantage of gaps, with the proper information, thereby widening your customer base. Using your customers to develop new products/services, is a low-risk strategy, with buyers waiting for items to be made available.

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