Inaction Is the Riskiest Response


Are you feeling the growing pressure to do something? We encourage organizations to consider that opportunities are available, despite the current pandemic. To take advantage of opportunities, a rapid assessment of your vulnerabilities must be your first step. Then your next move – to decisively to minimize them.

Now you can begin planning for seizing your future competitive advantage.

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In my professional career I have been involved in four (4) downturns, seventeen (17) business closures, three (3) recessions, and maintained a small business during an entire state going broke during the late 1980’s due to the collapse of the domestic oil market. Over my forty-five-year career, I observed experts leading recoveries in these circumstances, so I learned a few techniques. As a result, I am sharing both “best practices” and strategies that I have advised clients who were facing disruption issues. Obviously, none of the above compare to our current pandemic. Check out my LinkedIn profil

Here are details that has led to success


We offer here a rapid but measured approach in tackling your current situation and then looking for possibilities for moving you forward.  Our leadership will collaborate with you to create comprehensive plan that is a combination of realistic assessment of your current situation, which stabilizes your business and a clear path that details of actions for your creating your new initiatives towards competitive advantages.

  1. Quantify the impact on your business.
  2. Assess your rivals’ vulnerabilities.
  3. How can you reduce your exposure?
  4. Protect the existing business.
  5. How can you gain long-term advantage?
  6. Pursue opportunistic and transformative actions.
  7. Rethink your business model(s).
  8. Are you ready to act?



The practice we have laid out should yield a list of promising initiatives. We are expecting that one or more of them would be actionable. Hopefully you’ll have the capacity to launch and manage this tasks. We offer our assistance with those efforts.

So, you’ll need to prioritize, carefully assessing each initiative based on several criteria— urgency, overall financial impact, barriers to implementation, and risks that the initiative might pose for your business. Decide as to what can be done in the short-term and what is appropriate for your long-term focus.

The key to your future success is rapid implementation.  Form a crisis management team to oversee your company’s response to the pandemic. Be sure to earn your employees’ commitment to your new direction by explaining why changes are needed, what changes will entail, and how they will be affected.

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We are all in this together.