Covid-19 Disparities

Long-Term Care
Black & Latinx Businesses – Banks are opening up to you
Health Disparities Are “Devastating”
Job Loss Hits People of Color Hardest
People of Color & Women – Frantline Workers = Exposed & Vulerable

Individual Actions

Avoiding Cultural Appropriation on Halloween
What Actions Can You Adopt Now for Racial Justice?
Steps to Thriving – Advice And Support For People Of Color Enterprises
First Encounters With Race and Racism: Impacts that Last a Lifetime | Session
Are You Willing To Get Into “Good Trouble?”

Corporate Call-To-Action

Did You Know Your Employees Support DEI?
Connecting Your Customers with Your Social Justice Advocacy
Corporate AllyShip for Social Justice
Mitigating Unconscious Bias In The Workplace
Advancing Social Justice and Racial Equity Creates Competitive Advantage
Implicit Bias: What do we do about it?
Let’s Create a Safe Place for Uncomfortable Race Discussions
Diversity is the engine of innovation
Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council in Your Workplace⁣

Celebrating Diverse Businesses

Celebrating Minority- & Women-Founded Startups
Diverse-Led Start-Ups Develop Remote Working Tools
Diverse Successful Companies Founded by Diverse Peoples
Gift Ideas from Online Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

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