The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy. This blog is intended to provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their organization.  We are putting forth our ideas and expertise to address you are restarting your business.  The out first blog was


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As a high impact Senior Financial Executive and Virtual CFO leader with a successful track record in a broad range of global industries including fortune 500 firms, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and non-profits, I became the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the City of Boston within the Department of Health and Hospitals.  My executive-level experience in business planning, analysis, budgeting, control, regulatory compliance, tax and treasury with strategic and value-added emphasis, has benefited our clients.  As one of the team leaders of our virtual CFO services, I am accomplished in designing and implementing, planning and budgeting processes, cash flow management, financial controls and in-depth analysis in direct support of our clients’ financial and business objectives. My LinkedIn profile is at


When Do You Need a CFO? – Benefiting from a Virtual CFO


Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are advocates for your best financial interests.   Not only do CFOs assess your costs of doing business but calculate the risks and threats that might be generated by your business. As your partner in complex decision-making, CFO’s generate financial forecasts (budgets), oversee sound financial practices, and recommend methods for streamlining operations.  In addition, CFOs provide reliable financial information and timely analysis that indicates your financial health.

  • Do you need a CFO?

    1. Are you sure you wish to continue your current pricing structure, now that you are restarting your organization?  Do you have the expertise on your team to help answer that question?
    2. Are you thinking of diversifying into new markets?  Wouldn’t you prefer a resource with a successful track record in creating such proposals?
    3. Do you need a restart loan, expanded line of credit, or an equity infusion? Is knowing that your presentation been prepared by a professional who understands how to raise capital and financial reporting essentials?
  • What are the signs that you need a CFO?

    1. Is accurate and timely complex financial information key to your organization’s stability, and/or growth?
    2. Do regulations require certifications for compliance with accounting practices or industry-specific guidelines?
    3. Have you passed $10 million in revenues?
    4. Are you facing a significant contraction in your business?  Are you needing insight as to how to reopen in a lean and bare-bones position?
    5. Would you be needing the following:  financial strategies for restarting, a new cost structure for measuring new metrics of profitability, coaching of or for the leadership team and employees to get the best results, and support for your negotiations with banks, vendors, customers, and/or investors?
  • Why virtual CFO?

    1. Do you want all the benefits of a CFO, but on an as-needed basis?
    2. Are you looking for budgets and forecasts without investing in training?
    3. Would you enjoy receiving financials within days of the end-of-the-month and with an in-depth analysis?
    4. Are you open to the flexibility of choosing services when they are required and negotiating to price for those services?
    5. Does your financial organization necessitate a leader for planning, report production, and providing insights in a timely and accurate manner?



Our vCFO service is not about telling you how to run your business. Our key purpose is to give you timely and accurate financial information and meet with you regularly as a sounding board to help you to make good financial decisions. We are ready to participate in restarting your business by helping you do what you do best while focusing on the rebirth and success of your business.

AccuComp Enterprises is ready to advise and collaborate today with those who wish to begin the restart process now.  Contact us at Together We Will Win.