– What Has Worked During the Pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to these challenging times. Every business is dealing with the disruption caused by COVID-19. A few strategies and ideas have benefitted other organizations that we are putting forth for you to consider.

2021 is both a year of hope, but also uncertainty. What you do now affect your organization’s future. Here are a few takeaways that may support what you are doing to weather the current situation.

We have combined tips, suggestions, and strategies from numerous sources. By making our approach a checklist, you can determine if you have overlooked ideas that you can use now to make your business in the future more prosperous.

Checklist for Preparing for Post-Crisis Business Growth

Maintaining a positive cash flow position. Are you:

  • Managing your cash in real-time with online accounting?
  • Calculating your inflows (cash into your business) & outflows (your bills) weekly four weeks out?
  • Reviewing your outstanding invoices for potential discounts for early payments to keep money in the bank?
  • Using electronic invoicing?
  • Facilitating payments by accepting credit cards or online payments?
  • Paying your bills online, exclusively?

Knowing your customers. Are you:

  • Surveying your customers, so you know what they like about your company?
  • Offering rewards for customer or employee ideas to improve your products/services?
  • Doing “Go Live” events to interest your customers?
  • Presenting your Covid-19 adaptations as new options?
  • Communicating consistently on social media platforms?
  • Reaching customers where they are?
  • Collecting customer data and using it to further your ability to reach them?
  • Ensuring that everyone who interacts with customers is on the same page providing a timely and positive customer experience?

Telling your business story.

  • Who are you, and what are your values?
  • What is the purpose of your business, or what problem are you trying to solve?
  • What is your relationship with your customers?
  • How do you interact with them?

Preparing for more uncertainty. Are you:

  • Knowing your current employees’ levels of satisfaction?
  • Asking for financial assistance from your government?
  • Keeping up with changes in your industry?
  • Understanding what your competition is doing?
  • Assessing inefficiencies to determine automation possibilities?
  • Planning scenarios for economic changes, both good and bad?

Sharing your kindness and understanding. Are you:

  • Adapting to address your business relationships’ difficulties and challenges during the pandemic with your suppliers and employees?
  • Emphasizing “We are stronger together” when speaking with your business network?
  • Being kind to yourself as you lead your business through this turmoil?
  • Sending thank-you notes to suppliers for on-time deliveries or customers making large orders?
  • Announcing your gratitude for “job well-done” in meetings with suppliers and employees?
  • Tackling issues as they occur?
  • Being a cheerleader for your employees?
  • Listening to suppliers, employees, and customers?

Networking with your peers. Are you:

  • Networking with other businesses?
  • Using LinkedIn to develop your professional network?
  • Remaining current about your industry, startups in your industry, or your competition?

Celebrating your successes. Are you:

  • Setting sales goals to gain a clear focus of your team?
  • Sharing achievements each week to be positive and keep morale high?
  • Celebrating your successes with suppliers, employees, and customers?

Investing in everyone’s health and wellness. Are you:

  • Reviewing benefits for emphasis on wellness and potential activities for you and your employees?
  • Engaging with your employees for happier and healthier people.


Be thankful. You have managed to sustain your business through a year of uncertainty and crisis. Nothing beats gratitude as a means of boosting our spirits — especially during a difficult time. And do what is memorable. People who feel you are grateful for their help are more inclined to do their best, again and again.

Plan! Adapt! Manage! Succeed!

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