What’s Needed for Employees to Feel Safe and Well in Your Workplace?

As you traverse the global pandemic’s turbulence while maneuvering to be resilient in the face of continuous uncertainty, you now have another challenge – convincing your people it is safe to return to their former workplace. You will be emphasizing the health and safety of your employees virtually. Now you must assure them that they are safe on your premises.

Despite your investment in new safety protocols and wellbeing initiatives, many employees are not comfortable returning to your facility. Vaccines have been the game-changers. Now your messages of encouragement and inspiration are getting through to a primarily receptive employee audience.

Your Business Culture: Where Safety and Wellness are Priorities.


Reinforcing your Safety Culture.

Ensuring workplace safety will be a shared responsibility of your Safety Team with representatives from each of your teams, sanitation vendor, cleaning vendor, at least three employees based on interest in being members, and selecting your Safety Officer to oversee the Safety Team. All have different roles to play in ensuring that workplace safety is monitored and managed.

  • Tailor your Employee Safety Recognition Program to apply to areas of highest infection and potential spread risks.

  • Add an employee point system to encourage employee participation with gift certificates for fun family or fitness activities.

  • Make safety a monthly agenda item for your “All Hands” meeting to keep safety on everyone’s mind.

  • Provide training and quarterly updates to demonstrate your commitment to safety.

Incorporating Smart PPE.

Smart PPE refers to wearable pieces of equipment, such as helmets, that connect to the internet or Bluetooth and deliver safety information to the wearer or others in the field. These wearables collect data, adjust to conditions, and warn of hazards.

  • Protect your employees with gear that can monitor the wearer’s health by collecting relevant health data.


Adopting a Holistic view to Health and Wellness.

A healthy and engaged workforce is key to your business, improving team/employee performance and recognizing your people’s health and wellness as a priority.

    • Establish your clear strategy with defined objectives that support business goals.

    • Confirm that employees are comfortable sharing health concerns and finding out what barriers might increase employee engagement.

    • Develop empathy training for team leaders and executives to foster a greater understanding of how to interact with employees struggling with stress, leading to changes in behavior or performance.

    • Set the tone for reassuring your people that support and several solutions are available to them.

    • Add preventive health measures to your employee benefits.

    • Boost work-life balance decisions by sharing how you are dealing with the current economic situations and business uncertainties.

Improving productivity and competitiveness.

A worker who feels part of your team and is appreciated will take ownership of their safety and become a hard-working team player. When workers feel valued, you are their leader, reap the benefits.

  • Value your workers with direct, encouraging, and inspiring communications from you.

  • Measure enthusiasm, loyalty, and connections of your employees for your company.


Communicate, communicate, communicate. Reinforce your commitment to your health and safety culture with your words. Measure how these initiatives are supporting your strategic business objectives. Reinforce your employees’ perception that their safety and health are a core value of your organization.

Make sure everyone knows you believe safety is everyone’s responsibility. Empower your teams and staff with the resources and tools necessary to be effective at finding and fixing safety, health, and wellness issues.

Plan! Adapt! Manage! Succeed!

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