We, Will, Adopt a Mindset of Excellence


As the human tragedy of the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, you are exploring how to be proactive in your decision-making. By being focused on operational excellence, you can draw on your experience as to how to keep quality consistent amid declining budgets.

Your people can be directed to determine how to extract savings from existing processes. With your spotlight on operational excellence, you will lead your business to become insulated from disorder, uncertainty, and fear. With teams in place to measure and monitor the unpredictable, you will change the current thinking to an organizational mindset built for excellence.

Blog Author – Background


  • Diligent executive project manager offering a proven record of success leading all phases of diverse technology projects; business transformation leader with more than 25 years of project management experience and as a financial executive, leading to being Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the City of Boston.
  • As a business strategist, planned and managed multimillion-dollar projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage, and bottom-line gains; Collaborated with multiple customer entities to conceptualize and implement innovative manufacturing processes, cost-saving supplier metrics, and digital enablement road-maps.
  • An influential visionary with empowering and motivational leadership style that brings out the best in all project participants, both internal and client staffs; create alliances in efforts to achieve business goals, and quickly turns negative financials into positives.

My LinkedIn profile is at  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bjmartinez/.

Build by Delivering Results


You will have built a more resilient organization:

  1. Having a master plan
    • Determine what is your maximum capacity.
    • Challenge sales to sell your output.
    • Preserve your relationships with suppliers and major customers.
    • Engage your team leaders to focus on optimization of your operations.
    • Treat this moment as “Evolve-or-Die”.
  2. Defining your operational expenses
    • Create a Cash Management team to project, monitor, and report daily on cash.
    • Work within the limits to reopen.
    • Decide initially on how much you can produce.
    • Accelerate your cash conversion cycles.
    • Adapt to the moment to survive.
    • Accept pennies on the dollar from existing invoices to fuel your growth.
  3. Moving slowly and systematically
    • Perform in-depth examinations of your entire operation.
    • Encourage executives and team leaders to look for opportunities for optimization.
    • Restructure your debt, if possible.
    • Build real-time reporting and KPI tracking, so you know results and are aware to make timely modifications, as needed.

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Remember that you’re not just trying to survive the pandemic — you’re trying to build a future for your company that creates a sustainable organization, even if there is a second wave.

Your leadership will provide a clear focus on adapting, delivering results, and thriving regardless of any disruptions.

Infect your organization with your new mindset – Shape your future!

AccuComp Enterprises is ready to advise and collaborate today with those who are ready to begin their recovery, now. Contact us at s.ferrer@accucompenterprises.com.

We are all in this together.